Soleta Four Plus

Select from the list below the optionals suitable for you:


Proprety surface (terraces included): 240 mp


Usable surface area – ground floor: 96,7 mp

Usable surface area – storey: 52,3 mp


Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3

Storage rooms: 7

Optional features

Optional features - are components or accessories of the house that has to be chosen before starting its production, for their integration specific processing is required.

•Paint from natural ingredients without synthetic resins or other chemicals.

•„Breathable” paints made of oils, plants and mineral pigments

• Combination of cellulose and basalt wool

• Anti-vapour film, Delta sealing tape and adhesive

• SMX Fixing Foam (the only one solution of sealing with no Isocyanat emissions!)

Finishes of the interior walls:

Floor finishes:

Exterior finishes:

Thermo insulation:

•Natural pine wooden floors, selected, painted in Soleta colour

•Other optional versions: beech, oak or other types of wooden  parquet

•Finishing with a special wax, based on water and not organic solvents (no chemical emissions and low maintenance)

•Exterior pine floor, moisture and ultraviolet resistant (tree with a high content of natural resins)

•Natural shingle roofing, made and assembled manually by traditional methods (it resists about 40 years) or profiled sheet of the same colour.

Lucrari pregatitoare instalari ulterioare:


• Pregatire pachet energie eoliana

• Pregatire pachet management locuinta

• Pregatire pachet energie solara (in functie de optiuni)

• Pregatire pachet inst. recuperare ape pluviale

• Pregatire pachet incalzire in pardoseala

NOTE:  Each Soleta house model has its own accessories and optional feature list. This list can be changed without prior notice. The complete list of optional accessories can be found  here.    


For more details about price and optional accessories, please send an email to

Land acquisition, obtaining the Urban Planning Certificate

You shall take into consideration:

- The legal situation of the land;

- Its area, shape, orientation and proximities;

- The access to the land and utilities, its urban situation (built-up area, construction course, etc.);

The Urban Planning Certificate is a document by which local authorities shall communicate the necessary conditions you must observe for a new construction.

The legal term for its release is 14 days.


8 steps for Soleta:

Signing the contract for manufacture/construction

It's time to decide the list of optional features and accessories that will complete your Soleta model.


By signing the contract, all aspects related to the house price, its structure, level of equipment and finishing, delivery times, etc., become final.


Preparing documents for obtaining the construction permit

Together with the signing of the construction contract for the Soleta house we are offering our services for project preparation and documentation necessary to obtain the construction permit.


Equally we can provide you the house plans to be be included in the project made by another architect approved by you.


Obtaining the construction permit

The construction permit is issued by the mayor’s office on the basis of the Urban Planning Certificate, authorizations and house project. When you obtain this permit, you can start the actual construction of the house.


Making the foundation. Connecting to utilities

Regardless the type of foundation of the future house (wooden stumps, concrete or slab plots), you can make it yourself or we can make it. But it is very important to fully respect the project, in order to have the anchoring elements for the future house and the connections to utilities correctly located.

Any geometric error can lead to complications in the installation process of the new house.  

For the connections to utilities it is necessary to contact the supplier companies.


Manufacturing the house Soleta components

Under normal conditions, the production time for a Soleta is between 4 and 7 weeks, but in special cases this period may be reduced to max. 15 days!

However, depending on a number of technical factors, such as the size of the house, the complexity of the project, the occupancy of the production, this period may vary in both directions.


Transporting the house on site

Transport costs for the components of the house are provided separately in the contract and must be paid in advance.

Also, unloading packages at the destination and transporting packages on site, if different from the place of unloading, are other transport services to be contracted separately.


Soleta house installing, finishing and delivery

The installation and finish of your house will be entirely performed by an ANSONIA team.  

After the transportion of the construction kit, a team in most cases of 4 workers comes on site, along with all the technical means needed for this phase.  

There will be a verification of the foundation compliance with the house project and if everything is perfect proceed to the house installation. Simultaneously, electrical, heating and plumbing routes will be installed, according to the project. Floors, roof framing, the roof covering, the doors and windows are then assembled.

After completing the installation, proceed to the house finishing. Once completed the construction, the ANSONIA team will clean the site, removing site traces and debris, construction helper, so after its departure, the place of assembly remains in perfect order. Finally, the new owner will receive from us a documentation of measures that must be met for the maintenance of the new house and the warranty certificate.

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