SOLETA zeroEnergy  -  Technical Details

          Soleta zeroEnergy houses are for sale in a standard configuration which can be customized prior to production and optionally accessorized even after its construction. Below are the technical constructive details for SOLETA zeroEnergy houses in their standard versions. However, we reserve the right to make further changes in order to improve the SOLETA concept.

Structural Frame

Walls, roof, floors

To obtain energy performance, we paid great attention when designing external areas of the Soleta houses, those who have direct contact with the outdoor climate. Walls, roof, floor - all these and their joints must be airtight, thermal and acoustic insulated, mechanical resistant and resistant to any destructive actions. There are plenty of solutions, but Soleta is conscientiously designed, responsibly manufactured of the highest quality materials!

The structural frame of the Soleta zeroEnergy houses is made of laminated timber only. This is a high quality material that will not distort! Joints of beams and columns are treated with the utmost seriousness, are very resistant, airtight and give elasticity to the construction in case of an earthquake. The components of the structure are prefabricated and factory treated against pests, mould and UV!

Structura acoperisului (de jos in sus)

• Vopsea lavabila/lac ecologic lemn;

• Strat Cartongips 12,5mm/lemn/IsoTex;

• Substructura ;

• Folie PE - bariera de vapori – 0,2mm;

• Structura de rezistenta este realizata din grinzi lamelare cu sectiunea 80x200mm sau conform proiectului. Termoizolatia este realizata cu panouri din poliuretan solid cu grosimea de 100/120/160mm;

• Folie unidirectionala Tyvek;

• Structura ventilare si suport pentru invelitoare;

• Invelitoare: sindrila naturala din lemn de rasinoase sau invelitoare metalica.

• Sunt realizate din lemn de rasinoase triplustratificat, cu geamuri tripan.

Usile de acces

• Cele interioare sunt de tip sandwich , cu rama, toc si fete din material compozit MDF alb. Cele exterioare sunt masive cu fete din placaj special , décor lemn sau color.


Transport and assembly at destination

Energy – few technical data:

Needed supply of primary energy: 124,62 kWh PE/m2/year

Breakdown of energy consumption:

  - Heating - 64.14 kWh/m2 an

  - Domestic hot water - 45.60 kWh/m2 an

  - Artifical lighting - 14.88 kWh/m2 an

Envelope performances

  - North wall Shingle - 19.55 m2 - 4.127 m2K/W Corrected thermal resistance

  - Southwall Shingle - 12.5 m2 - 4.127 m2K/W

  - East wall - 8.05 m2 - 4.132 m2K/W

  - West windows wall Trypan - 10.87 m2 - 1.1 m2K/W

  - East windows - 1.37 m2 - 1.1 m2K/W

  - South windows - 4 m2 - 1.1 m2K/W

  - Floor on the ground - 50.89 m2 - 7.423 m2K/W

  - Roof Shingle - 26.47 m2 - 4.3 m2K/W

Coefficient of compactness of the building: 1,01

Technical characteriscs of Soleta One Plus

The transport of the house on site is provided for a fee. The fee for the installation of all the constituent elements of the house described in the standard offer is specified separately in the price offer, or where it is included in the house price, this is clearly stated in the offer.

Thermal insulations:

For the thermal insulation we used a combination of materials, cellulose (higher density of 60kg/m) and basalt wool.

Waterproof membrane:

Energy efficiency highly depends on the tightness of the house. Vapour film, waterproof adhesive and tape must create a perfect tire. For this reason we chose DELTA, a supplier that offers guaranteed quality for these components.

Foam sealant:

In general, to seal the components of the house, when assembling the house various types of foam are used. We searched and found SMX Fixing Foam produced by Soudal, the only sealant without Isocyanate emissions!

Structure of the interior walls (division walls):

Structure and performances of the exterior walls:

Structure and performances of the floor:

Structure and performance of the roof:

Windows and timber glazed doors

Glazed exterior windows and doors of the Soleta houses are manufactured with TRYPAN windows made by a special process which lower the values of their thermal radiation at the same level as those of NASA space shuttles! Also, the outer sides of the windows are protected through a metallic film that completely rejects UV and 50% the solar radiations in the visible spectrum. All that with environmentally friendly components!

Double windows:

In this case things go easy: the world leader is VELUX (

Roof windows:

Interior glass walls and doors (optional):

It is your option to customize the interior of Soleta with walls or doors made of décor glass. Where these have to be, the best option is the company Garant from Germany (

Interior doors:

We recommend cellular doors with white finished MDF sides and frame. They are very resistant and easy to maintain. However, other optional doors can be installed, too.

Interior finishing


We believe that a natural pine timber floor, selected, Soleta coloured is the best choice. It is harder to maintain it, compared to the sophisticated exotic timber floors, it resists less, but it is Romanian and … ages beautifully. For those determined to say NO, we have other options, too: beech, oak or other wood species, not intended for floor heating. All floors are polished with a special wax, with water and no organic solvents, which has zero chemical emissions and it maintains easily.


Soleta interior walls are white. They can also be coloured. The paints used by us have only natural ingredients without synthetic resins or other chemicals. These "breathable" paints are made from oils, plants and mineral pigments. For more information, visit

Ceramic wall and floor tiles

The chromatic of Soleta bathrooms suggests the use of white in combination with black, when cladding walls. We suggest wooden floor bathrooms. Optionally, other colour combinations or ceramic floor tiling are also available.

Exterior finishing

Exterior floors

The pine is a widespread conifer tree in Romania, with a high content of natural resins. This makes it suitable in particular for outdoor works, its resistance to moisture and ultraviolet is superior to other species of conifers. We preferred the pine for the Soleta terraces and as a local material, transport costs are much lower, and thus pollution is drastically reduced, with no consumption of fossil fuels for the transportation of other imported species over long distances. It is very easy to maintain, once every 3-4 years, apply a layer of protective wax with the help of a brush.


Natural shingle built and installed manually by methods whose origin is lost in time. This is the first option recommended by us. But it is as simple to assembly a profiled roofing sheet, in the same colors. Natural shingle resists about 40 years without any problems. Sometimes you have to replace one piece, but this is part of the traditional charm. Does not require periodic maintenance and natural patina is achieved only after three years from the construction. However, it can be protected with a natural black wax, but in this case the treatment should be repeated every 3-4 years. Natural shingle has also special qualities in sound and heat insulation of the roof!

Visible wooden structure

The Soleta colour is already a classic, it gives off warmth and does not need too much maintenance (restoring the coating is made once every 3-4 years). There are no other options with this colour.

Vertical surfaces, roof soffit

We preferred to keep white all the other wooden finishing elements that finish the vertical closures and the exterior soffit of the roof. We used a softwood patch panel, finished with white organic wax.


Each Soleta model is equipped with complete functional sanitary installations, after the assembly of houses being required only the connection to the suppliers’ networks. Sanitary objects are already installed and their choice is made together.

Heating installation

Although Soleta houses are extremely well insulated, sometimes they need to be heated. The heating systems we propose, either we talk about a heat pump installation, a wood boiler or at the other extreme, a heating system with compost, they must be of a maximum efficiency. If we reduced energy losses and the houses are well insulated, it is obvious that heat sources should not have high powers and therefore energy consumption will be low. Soleta houses are naturally ventilated, the indoor climate being very healthy. Optionally, a ventilation system with heat recovery will further increase the energy efficiency of the house.

Electrical installation

Like the sanitary installation, the electrical one is aslo fully functional when the house is assembled. All routes are hidden in the walls, roof and floor of the house, there is an electric panel, and requires only the connection to the public network. If we're talking about a zeroEnergy house, the complete installation of electricity production from unconventional sources (solar/wind/hydro) is ready for use. The project of installations provides of course a minimum number of outlets, switches or lamps in every room, but it can be optionally customized. © 2020



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