Soleta Plus family houses

Soleta One +

The One Plus model, the new youngest member of the Soleta family houses, incorporates all the advantages of One old models, but its area increased by 12 sqm, reaching 60sqm! In the new version, the back area is occupied by two bedrooms with separate entrances, each with 11 sqm and one very large built-in closet. The bathroom has an area of 5.1 square meters, above the ceiling we have provided a large enough technical space to contain all the technical standard or optional systems of the house. An additional storage space can be achieved, optionally and free, above the entrance hall to the bedrooms. The living room, very generous, includes the kitchen and the dining area, all together totaling another 33 sqm. We changed the roof slopes to 70 or 10 degrees, thereby the interior area has gained a high degree of comfort and utility and the appearance of the houses remained equally delightful! Like the previous model, Soleta One Plus can be accessorized with optional outdoor terraces and pergolas, attached both in the front and side areas of the house. They can have varying shape and areas for an easy adaptation to your land.

Soleta Four +

Soleta Three +

Soleta Two +

It is an entirely new model which retains the structure elements of the One Plus model, through its elongation it reached 84,5sqm and now it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. In addition, the entrance of the house is by the side, through a lobby that can be a winter garden. The house has multiple storage spaces, positioned in both bathrooms and in the interior hallway ceilings. Each bedroom has one built-in closet with sliding doors and generous functional spaces. The living room and kitchen share the same area of 34 sqm. The two back bedrooms each have 11sqm and the master bedroom has its own bathroom and an area of 12sqm. Each of the two bathrooms has an area of 5.1sqm. The large glass areas in the living room are sufficient for natural lighting. The greenhouse (winter garden) which can be also an entrance hall, adds a thermal comfort to the house by the separation of the living room from the outdoor environment. The house has a spacious front terrace, covered with a special pergola, unique to this model.

Behind its exclusivist presence, there are few smart architectural solutions, own constructive approaches of the Post&Beam sonstructive system, so prevalent lately. All parts of the house are supported by its skeleton, like the human skeleton. Soleta Three + has architecture with personality, carefully studied angles and large glazed surfaces are already common in this range. In the near future, this model will get a few more versions of interiororganization, but until then we suggest this first model with an area of 100sqm. It has two bedrooms, each with own dressing and bathroom, many storage spaces and of course, a large area intended for daily activities. The rooms have large surfaces, we preferred fewer rooms for confort, it is a premium model! Soleta Three + can be also accessorized with large terraces and pergolas, so important in the Soleta concept!

Soleta Four  is the first Soleta model whose area of 155.6 sqm is divided on two levels. With large spaces, glazed surfaces which lie on two floors, large opening above the living room, this model joins the other bringing luxury with it. Even through by our proposal we have suggested it in a mountain landscape, Four can also be a perfect residential solution. In the near future we will add other interior partitions proposals for this model. On the ground floor there are two large bedrooms with own dressing room and bathroom, a living room with kitchen whose ceiling rises up to the roof, a very large storage space. The entrance hall can also contain specific storage spaces. Soleta Four has a flexible architecture; it can be easily reconfigured for individual needs.

    This is the SOLETA PLUS family houses. A concept of houses made after two years of research and architectural and functional optimization on previous models of Soleta houses: One, XL, Two and Twice. The new range of Plus houses was based on identifying flaws in the initial models, both by our foundation and the public worldwide, and transforming them into new benefits for those who opt for one of the four models.


    Their architecture and functionality differ greatly from one model to another but all comply with the basic principles defined by FITS through the SOLETA project and can receive zeroEnergy features. © 2020



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