SOLETA zeroEnergy  -  Innovations

                 In line with the basic principles of this project, we successfully managed to combine innovative technical and architectural solutions in one house concept only. Here are some of them:

•  "No walls" architecture, the roof taking over most of the area exposed to the outdoor environment. By this innovation we managed to reduce the cost of the house, and to increase natural lighting. The wind protection is optimized, too.

Integrated system to collect rainwater. Soleta houses can be optionally equipped with a complete installation of rainwater recovery, embedded in the structure of the house and do not require maintenance.


•  Integrated ventilation system with energy recovery feature. Optimal ventilation and fresh air comes with minimal costs.

Replacement of the foundation with tree logs (only in case of houses with area <91sqm), solution leading to ~ 80% ecnomy over the concrete slab version. This solution ensures also the ventilation of the timber structure of the house, significantly increasing its lifespan. Another solution for the Soleta foundation is offered by KRINNER – bolt foundation. Classic concrete foundations can also be a solution for SOLETA, but they have a special shape and structure.

Floor integration of the automotive battery and ventilation system. Space saving, easy maintenance.


Roof with no supporting structure - no framing. Saving materials, low cost, high resistance.

Expandable modular structure. Supplementing the house with new modules or even expanding it with additional living areas can be easily done, in most cases without affecting parts of the house.

Accessorizing with other modules after purchase. The concept of modular structure allows us to accessorize the house, after having it bought, with a number of optional modules that increase the comfort level of the house (eg. outdoor swimming pool, greenhouse, additional terraces, pergola, etc.).

• Computerized house management system.

• Patented system for quick assembly of structural elements of the house.

• Zero energy cooling system.

• Integrated suction system.

• Quiet kitchen extraction system.

• Simple technique to assemble and replace closures fitted with windows.

• Ventilation routes, installations are included in the supporting structure.


• Massive floors made of glued laminated timber panels to achieve split levels and upstairs floors.

• Multifunctional cellular floor system.

• Computer system to reduce electricity consumption. © 2020



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