Soleta, a lifestyle house

Soleta zeroEnergy este un nou concept de locuinta premium moderna, ecologica, dezvoltat de catre Fundatia pentru inventica si tehnologii sustenabile Justin Capra (FITS). 


Soleta House Vision  

Soleta zeroEnergy is a new concept of modern premium, organic home, developed by the Soleta team.

A complete functional prototype, called Soleta Zero Energy One, is exposed in Bucharest - Romania. This model is the smallest of the previous range of houses, a model upon which were both functionally and architecturally optimized the new models of Soleta PLUS range houses, that come with a complex addition based on flaws identified in the initial models.

Affordable, versatile, with a minimal energy consumption, reduced operating costs and positive environmental impact, Soleta houses are real alternatives to conventional constructions, remarkable by their nonconformist architecture and bright, healthy, permanently monitored indoor environment.

Why would I want a Soleta house?

1.  Forget the electricity bills!


I can choose to forget about electricity and gas bills! How come? In case of Soleta zeroEnergy version, houses are fitted with electricity production systems from unconventional sources (wind energy, solar energy, and hydroelectricity). They also have a computerized energy management solution implemented for the optimization of consumption and to reduce the negative impact on the environment. For the home heating energy, the solution is a system which combines solar energy with geothermal energy. And wood can be considered, too!

2. The house without foundation is perfectly stable!


Regardless of the Soleta house you choose, costs are dramatically lower and that’s because Soleta proposes an absolutely innovative system: the house sits on treated timber stumps and their ground clamping system gives a great flexibility of the entire settlement in case of earthquakes. Soleta houses are 8 times lighter than an equivalent brick construction!

3. PREMIUM materials and elegant design!


We used only premium quality building materials, 97% recyclable, which makes this concept of home as one of the most sustainable houses in the world. Soleta houses offer a futuristic architecture, very elegant and in case you find that you need a few extra rooms, or even outbuildings, we can add modules that not only will not affect the original structure, but will add extra comfort and functional space to your home.

4. The house can be extended and accessorized!


It is a house with modular architecture that allows extra comfort and functionality by adding new modules at any time after the house was built and without affecting the integrity of the already built house.

5. In three months only you will be HOME!


The house will be ready for living in just three or four months after signing the contract! For a month and a half the house is prepared, packed, delivered and a team that will accompany the truck. Your House will soon arrive. The installation takes just a fiew weeks! Finally you're at HOME! © 2020



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