ECOprinciple 1:

Smart architecture


        The architectural concept of the Soleta houses suggests balance, a close relationship with nature and by the assimilation of innovations and new technologies we watched to reduce the quantity in favour of quality and lifespan.

       A human scale concept that offers everything needed for a long and full of joy life. Large and bright spaces, warm materials, clean lines and perfect proportions.

       Through the automation options you can control in real time the temperature, natural and artificial lighting, ventilation, energy consumption and the security level of the house.




SOLETA zeroEnergy  -  ECO Principles

Soleta zeroEnergy can be defined by the following principles underlying this concept.

ECOprinciple 2:

Efficient, high quality materials


       We selected premium materials for a premium product. Soleta houses target a segment of connoisseur customers who appreciate quality, good taste and durability of a house. They are made from 97% recycled materials, exclusively from Romania.

      So we're a little nationalist but more ecologists - the amount of fuel consumed for the transport of raw materials to the factory is greatly diminished by shortening distances to the sources of supply.

      By using high quality materials, the prefabrication of house components is reduced by up to 75% the amount of debris generated at the installation place, making a comparison with a classic construction.



ECOprinciple 3:

Energy saving


      A high-tech solution to reduce energy consumption in Soleta houses and thus to reduce the negative impact on the environment is to implement a computerized energy management system.

      The classical solutions already known (high performance thermal insulation, window surfaces with two rooms and inert gas, avoiding the greenhouse effect by calculating shadows, using class A electrical appliances, etc) are already applied as a standard to all SOLETA projects. 

      Going forward, the SOLETA zeroEnergy concept means to fit the house with energy production systems from unconventional sources to ensure at least the own consumption of the house.

ECOprinciple 4:

Efficient use of water


     Water is Earth's most precious resource, currently over 25% of the world's fresh water is used for flushing toilets.

     By equipping the Soleta houses with rainwater collection systems and microbiological treatment mini-stations, we are making a very big step towards efficient consumption of drinking water.

      The classic solutions are also recommended: use of dual flush toilets or of low-flow shower heads.



ECOprinciple 5:

Healthy environment


      A house with a healthy indoor environment is a happy house. Our concern for a healthy environment is found in the use of non-toxic building materials, water-based eco lakes, ventilation and air purification systems and rainwater recycling system.




ECOprinciple 6:

Efficiency of the constructive system


      Classic constructions are extremely inefficient in terms of the amount of residues or energy consumed during the site work.

      With the new technologies applied, in manufacturing SOLETA houses are produced up to 75% less waste in the manufacturing process. During the assembly of houses, waste is not generated and, by reducing drastically the installation time, the energy consumption specific to this operation is reduced by up to 50%. © 2020



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