SOLETA zeroEnergy  -  Advantages

 Soleta houses are real alternative to conventional constructions, are easily adaptable to multiple uses: permanent houses and holiday houses, offices, children's playgrounds, kindergartens, sports halls etc.

      More efficient  -  A Soleta house is energy-efficient (A class energy performance certificate) and the energy it needs can be produced from renewable sources.

      Better – Because ALL components of Soleta houses are "Top Quality" and because we have a special care for details.

    Cheaper - Soleta houses make no compromise. We chose ingenious solutions for a fair price; we basically created the affordable luxury! Also, the operating costs are very low.

      Healthier - Provides a healthy indoor climate and a high level of comfort thanks to the generous contribution of light and fresh air.

      More ingenious – Simplicity. Modularity. A new approach based on an old axiom: Nature always has the solution!

      Eco-friendlier - Positive impact on the environment through an ecological approach of the entire life cycle of the house. © 2020



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