It includes architectural and technological principles underlying the concept of Soleta, but also its design specification, the list of accessories and optional modules

In the following day the actual production of the SOLETA zeroEnergy prototype house started, in the factory of ANSONIA, a Romanian company specialized in laminated timber constructions.

It rises on a land located in Bucharest, near the US embassy. For its location we are supported by the EuroGarden and Baneasa Investments companies.



Thanks to our partners support, the SOLETA house prototype is ready. This will remain open for public visits, 7 days per week. Even if at the time of launching, some systems were not functional, our completion efforts will continue in the next months as well.


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Soleta - The beginnings

We’ve combined our passion in the glulam constructions field with the enthusiasm and young inventors knowledge, to create together a complex and unique project for Romania. A new constructive system with caracteristics within the limits of zeroEnergy concept.


Right from the beggining we wanted to  create a housing concept adapted to the requirements of the premium market through a exceptional architecture, modern technologies, complex equipments and high quality. We started with a set of difficult requirements but we managed to finish this project together, respecting all the parameters. The result of our work is the prototype, Soleta zeroEnergy One.

The story of Soleta zeroEnergy One

Beyond the technic concept, Cătălin Butmălai, the one who shaped everything that is Soleta, he wanted a familly house, a healthy home, sure and durable. He got his inspiration from the traditional romanian architecture and out borders, he transposed through time and adapted to the actual needs, o house build with responsabillity towards the environment, comfortable and intelligent in the same time.


Building and launching Soleta One was a revelation. It was the first of her kind in Romania, and east european country, for which the ecologic concept was still new. It has been visited, studied and transformed into the symbol of the entire Soleta concept. The prototype is even now in Bucharest, near the USA embassy, open to those who want to visit it and have the Soleta experience.


After 2 years of research and study around it’s functionality, a new range of Soleta houses was created: Soleta Plus. They present significant improvements, optimisations but they preserve the intelligence and estehics that characterises them.


Soleta Plus is the house of the future, but does not have futuristic claims. It offers a lifestyle, not just a home. It is a different house, but accesible.

We continuously improve

We decided that we will develop continuously, more and new architectural versions of the Soleta houses and as we will present them at the right time. All the Soleta houses respect the technic and architectural specifics of the prototype conceived by the Soleta team, but offer gradualy more space, more functionalities so that they covers most of the future owners requirements.